From earning a livelihood to having a family, there seems to be too little time for rest. For women, the stakes are higher. Some ladies resort to hiring a nanny just to keep up with the pressure. Nannies help out with just about everything: taking the kids to school, household chores, cooking and tending hubby.

The latter should keep you on your toes. You don’t want to show up at home unexpectedly to meet him humping your nanny!

Here are four ways to keeping your husband from banging the nanny:

Go for a mature nanny

If you want husband’s dickie to remain in his pants, then employ a mature nanny. Do not go for young, pretty and spritely girls, who still do things with reckless abandon. An elderly nanny often has self-imposed boundaries which include keeping her hands off your husband, among other things.

Keep some chores out of bounds

Yes, this point suggests you handle tasks directly linked to hubby. These tasks should include cooking and serving his meals, doing his laundry, tidying his room among others. Letting the nanny do these for your husbandwhen you are present could open the door to her warming his bed!

Avoid stay-ins

For your peace of mind, mark your employment terms for the nanny as not living in. She comes at a specific time, performs her duties and leaves at another particular time. Ensure that the husband is never(as much as possible) around during this work period.

The reason for this is simple: a live-in nanny may get too comfortable.You can think of this as her walking around in some flimsy wear or chancing in on hubby in his briefs. If you allow this, the rest, as the saying goes, could be nanny riding husband!

Watch for telltale signs

No one is asking you to be Sherlock Holmes. However, you should keep your eyes peeled for signs that they’re getting attached. Do hubby’s eyes brighten anytime he talks to her? Does the nanny go in to do her make up once your husband returns home? If you notice this untoward behavior from one or both, things could be heating up between the pair. In other words, the nanny may already be giving hubby sweet blowjobs!

Fuck him more

If you want to keep your spouse all to yourself and away from the nanny, shag the life out of him. Do this as many times as possible, every day if you can! If you can keep the fire burning under the sheets, you could keep his attention fixed solely on your pussy. That will for sure keep the nanny away and in place.